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Help organizations monitor, secure, document, and better understand the use of their physical spaces and assets. Jet Stream Systems creates advanced software and hardware that allow companies, municipalities, and institutions to unlock new value from their physical resources.

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Discover what top-performing brands already know about maximising live and recorded video. 

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Video Management Software

On-premise video management software solution for the purpose of efficiently managing cameras and systems. Obseron is compatible with Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems.



Cloud Managed Surveillance

Axiom is a professional cloud-based video monitoring platform. We provide businesses the opportunity to deliver an industry-grade cloud-based VMS with top of the line features to their clients at an affordable cost.


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Remote Connectivity & Video

Nomad line of solutions from Jet Stream solve many remote video and communication issues.  Nomad kits can provide video and cellular connectivity on poles, tripods, trailers and  tactical vehicles.