Hiring | The Assistant to the Project Manager

Company Background: Reich Construction Ltd., a mid-sized construction company, is known for its commitment to timely and high-quality project delivery. Despite its success, due to limited qualified workforce hiring struggles the company has faced challenges in managing multiple projects, ensuring safety compliance, and monitoring site activities efficiently. To address these issues, Reich Construction explored the integration of advanced technological solutions into its project management processes.

Challenge: The primary challenge for Riech Construction was maintaining comprehensive oversight over its various construction sites. Key issues included:

  • Safety Compliance: Ensuring all workers adhere to safety protocols in real-time.
  • Progress Monitoring: Keeping track of project milestones and identifying delays promptly.
  • Resource Management: Efficient allocation and usage of materials and labor.
  • Security: Preventing theft and unauthorized access to the construction sites.

Solution: Reich Construction decided to implement the BIGView Construction Surveillance Trailer as a solution to their challenges. This mobile unit is equipped with advanced surveillance cameras, real-time monitoring systems, and comprehensive data analytics capabilities. Accessible from the project managers office desktop and mobile device. Giving project managers the ability to view multiple worksites on one screen.

Implementation: The BIGView trailer was deployed at Reich Construction's largest and most complex project site. It was positioned strategically to cover the entire site, providing a panoramic view from the two 180° cameras and an in depth view of the project through the pan tilt zoom cameras. The system was downloaded to the Project Managers desktop and mobile device for seamless access and viewing.


  1. Enhanced Safety Compliance:
  • The 24/7 surveillance allowed for continuous monitoring of safety protocols.
  • Immediate alerts for any safety breaches enabled quick corrective actions.
  • Real time monitoring that dispatches local police on the behalf of the company.
  • Improved Progress Monitoring:
    • The real-time video feeds and time-lapse capabilities helped project managers track the progress accurately.
    • Early identification of potential delays allowed for proactive adjustments to the project plan.
    • Stakeholders could remotely access live updates, improving transparency and communication.
  • Optimized Resource Management:
    • Detailed insights into site activities helped in better scheduling of labor and machinery.
    • Reduction in material wastage due to precise monitoring of material usage and deliveries.
    • Enhanced coordination between different teams, ensuring that the right resources were available at the right time.
  • Increased Security:
    • The presence of surveillance cameras acted as a deterrent to theft and unauthorized access.
    • Immediate detection of suspicious activities ensured swift action, reducing potential losses.
    • Historical footage was useful for investigations and resolving disputes.

    Conclusion: The integration of the BIGView Construction Surveillance Trailer transformed Reich Construction's project management approach. By acting as an advanced assistant project manager, it provided comprehensive oversight, enhanced safety and security, and improved resource and progress management. This technological advancement not only addressed the existing challenges but also set a new standard for project execution efficiency, demonstrating that investing in innovative solutions can significantly benefit construction management practices.

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