Temperature Screening Terminal

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Face Recognition and Temperature Terminal 

Model: OET-213H-BTS1-BD
Single Person Temperature and Face Recognition Terminal

  • Extremely Accurate Wrist-Based Temperature Measurement

  • Face Detection and Mask Detection

  • Customizable Temperature Range Alerts

  • Centralized Management of Terminal Statistics and Images



Uniview Temperature Detection System, Access Control and Face Recognition Terminal

The OET-213H-BTS1 Temperature Detection System from Uniview can take Non-Contact Body Temperature Readings of people entering a facility or business. This Temperature Detection Package delivers Real Time temperature detection which helps employees get back to work safely. The unit comes with PC Tools for data measurement and interface. In addition, the OET-213H-BTS1 can be used for Access Control and Face Detection. Using a Non-Contact, wrist temperature reading, this system can screen temperatures of people and employees entering your facility.

The Uniview Heat Tracker Series, Thermal Automatic Temperature Screening Systems offer a variety of solutions for businesses and commercial facilities. With concerns about potential exposure to COVID-19, and the push for companies to re-open, temperature screening has become a necessity. Many businesses are focusing on re-opening their doors, so there is a greater need for monitoring employees and crowds. Since screening individuals in a busy setting is impossible to do manually, many varieties of Automatic Temperature screening systems have come in to play. You may have already experienced one of these systems if you are back to work.

If you are looking for a temperature detection solution for your facility, the UNV Heat Tracker Series Models are available now.

OET-213H-BST1 Temperature Detection System Key Features:

  • Non Contact Temperature Detection
  • Mask Wearing Detection
  • Real Time Alarm for Abnormal Temperatures
  • Supports Access Control Integration
  • Face Detection and Recognition


OET-213H-BST1 General Specifications:

Temperature Readings

Temperature range: 30°-45° (86°F to 113°F)

Read Temperature accuracy: 0.1°

Read Temperature deviation: 0.5°

Measurement distance: 1cm-2.5cm

Application situation: Indoor (10°-45°), no wind


Temperature Measurement

Real-time temperature detection and screen display.

High temperature voice alarm.

Snap photos and overlay temperature OSD information.

Privacy mode: Only measure wrist temperature, not capturing face image


Face Recognition

Accuracy Rate: >99% without a mask >90% with a mask

Fast Face Recognition Speed: 0.2s

High Picture Capacity: Up to 10,000 face capacity


Mask Wearing Detection

Supports face recognition with mask.

UI can indicate whether he/she is wearing a mask or not.

Voice alarm for those who do not wear a mask.


The image below shows the Wrist Temperature Detection Module at use in an Elementary School.

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