Multiple Person Temperature Screening


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Thermographic Screening System

Model: TIC2531

  • Highly Accurate Thermographic Temperature Measurement

  • Rapid Measurement for Mass Screening

  • Includes Blackbody for Calibration

  • Automatic Face Detection

  • Real-Time Alarm and Statistics


Thermographic Temperature Measurement System, Uniview

The USS-TIC2531 Thermographic Temperature Measurement System from Uniview can take Non-Contact Body Temperature Readings of people entering a facility or business. This Temperature Detection Package delivers Real Time temperature detection and screen display. The unit comes with PC Tools for data measurement and interface. As part of the Uniview Heat Tracker Series, the system is designed for larger crowd areas and can detect temp readings for multiple people at once.

Thermographic Temperature Measurement Features:

  • Resolution: 384 * 288

  • Visible light:  2MP

  • Recommended distance: 3-10m

  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.3 ° C

  • Applicable environment: indoor / windless

Pass through without contact, rapid screening of multiple people body temperature in one minute

Thermal camera has high response speed and efficiency, and the tested personnel do not need to stay

Automatic alarm to reduce manual work

Automatic body temperature screening, alarm prompt and automatic photo taking after catching the fever target

Reduce the risk of virus infection among testing personnel

It can measure temperature at a distance of several meters to effectively avoid close contact with potential patients

Image storage for easy recording and tracking

The image temperature measurement method is more intuitive. The alarm image is stored in real time, and the historical data can be queried.

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