Face, Wrist & Body Temperature Readers

Heat tracker series of products designed for COVID-19 virus mitigation

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With concerns about potential spread of COVID-19 and the push for companies, schools and other organizations to re-open, temperature screening has become a necessity. As many businesses are focusing on re-opening their doors, there is a greater need for monitoring employees and crowds. Since screening individuals in a busy setting is impossible to do manually, many varieties of automatic temperature screening systems have come into play.

Thermal Readers and Cameras offer a solution for measuring the temperature of people entering a facility or event. In addition these Uniview Systems offer Facial Recognition and Non-Contact Body Temperature readings. If you are looking for a temperature monitoring solution for your facility, there are several models available to suit your needs.  

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Temperature Measurement Solutions

Multi-Person Temperature Screening

Model: TIC2531

Automatic Thermal Temperature Measurement and S creening S ystem

  • Thermographic Temperature Measurement

  • Rapid Measurement for Mass Screening

  • Includes Blackbody for Calibration

  • Automatic Face Detection

  • Real-Time Alarm and Statistics

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Single Person Kiosk Solution

Model: CW180-E

Single Person Temperature and Face Recognition System

  • Non Contact Body Temperature Measurement
  • Ideal for Retail or Commercial Business
  • Face Detect during Reading
  • Video Recording Capabilities

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      Face and Temperature Terminal 

      Model: OET-213H-BTS1-BD
      Single Person Temperature and Face Recognition Terminal

      • Extremely Accurate Wrist-Based Temperature Measurement

      • Face Detection and Mask Detection

      • Customizable Temperature Range Alerts

      • Centralized Management of Terminal Statistics and Images

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      Temperature & Metal Detection Security Gate

      Model: OPD-533TM

      The OPD-533TM Temperature Measurement and Metal Detector Security Gate from Uniview  is a versatile multi-use product. Part of the Uniview Heat Tracker Series, the unit is versatile and offers multiple functionalities. This unit can take Non-Contact Body Temperature Readings of people entering a facility or business, as well as acting as a metal detector. Due to its dual operation, the OPD-533TM Security Gate is great for Airports, Bus Terminals, and other facilities. With many businesses and facilities concerned about the spread of COVID-19, temperature screening has become a necessity.

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